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DevOps Services

We provide DevOps services which allows us to support any service and software product's life cycle following all recognized international standards for the development and maintenance of software products. Our outsourcing DevOps is suitable for businesses and projects of any size, regardless if they are a new startup or an existing project. We help optimize development time and efficiency, make changes to the product less resource-intensive, and increase its fault tolerance. Using the DevOps approach, we improve completed products or get involved in the development process. Using our consulting services you will get a better understanding of departments, the work process will be more structured. Also, improved deployment, finished products will be faster to market, recovery time will be improved.

What we offer

DevOps services we provide

  • Kubernetes deployment

    Make the potential of containers an operational reality by running containerized applications across multiple machines and environments

  • Set up CI/CD Pipelines

    Design and build continuous integration & delivery pipelines to automate your software delivery process

  • Microservice Architecture

    Evolve the tech stack of a complex application with a microservice architecture while enabling a rapid, frequent and reliable delivery

  • Serverless architecture

    Build and run applications without managing the infrastructure, running apps on servers, but with no need for provisioning, scaling, and maintenance

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Provision and manage cloud resources by writing a template that is human readable and machine consumable

Our DevOps Outsourcing stages

We know firsthand how important it is to keep project workflow processes well-planned and subsequent. By providing DevOps outsourcing by elaborate stages, we help companies achieve much sought-after consistency and gradual optimization with logical milestones
  • Assessment

    Initially, you need to assess the state of your company's DevOps culture. We determine how workflows are automated, how software components are delivered, and what Agile methods you have. The level of development of your microservice architecture. All this determines the level of production speed

  • Roadmap

    Molaris professionals create a specific plan for the transfer of responsibilities and functions of your company to minimize the risk of errors, reduce development time. Also, planning is aimed at reducing the labor costs for design and the ability to release new versions of the software more often and with regularity

  • Execution

    Our team adopts a proven methodology, implements continuous integration and deployment, thus providing you with guarantees of stack stability. We implement version control, bring the infrastructure to standards and use proper quality tools. Set up sharing and initial template

  • Optimization

    Our employees develop an optimization plan, determine which architecture to use to improve performance, and how to apply it to scale. They also test the finished product, automate its verification. Then they make updates and improvements

  • Support

    After all the stages passed, our support does not end. We support your projects and solve the necessary issues. We ensure uninterrupted operation, support the delivery and deployment automation cycle. Also, DevOps employees communicate with other departments to ensure a comprehensive approach to resolving the issue

Benefits of DevOps outsourcing services of Molaris

Market's top DevOps talents

Hire some of the brightest minds in the industry to polish out and perfect your own company’s workflow. Achieve outstanding results with savvy tech assistants that know how to deal with DevOps by heart.

Cut costs and expenses

As a result of a thorough DevOps overhaul, you will be able to cut tons of extra costs related to unnecessarily complex tasks, manual handling of processes that can be automated, inefficient collaboration, and more.

Boost operational support

Streamline all underlying operations to achieve seamless workflows that aren’t hindered by common management issues and team coordination pitfalls. Open horizons for upgraded collaboration opportunities.

More development flexibility

An efficient combination of responsibilities delivered by professional DevOps enables versatile management, administration, and overall performance possibilities that make your specialists’ lives easier.

DevOps benefits

How Can DevOps Outsourcing Help Your Business?

  • Reduced development cost

  • Higer service availabitity

  • Increased speed to market

  • High collaboration between teams (Business/Dev/Ops)

  • Early defect detection

  • Continuous release and deployment

  • Improved operational support

  • Innovative mindset

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a methodology that relies on cloud-based tools and best practices to automate, optimize, and monitor the entire Software Development life cycle. DevOps is the conjunction of Development and Operations working over the app infrastructure.

What is the principle of DevOps?

DevOps in the nutshell is the union of people, processes and tools integration aimed to provide value to its customers. In practice, it requires the operations team to get involved in the development process to add customer requirements. The key principles of any DevOps solutions and service provider include enhanced collaboration, automating routine processes, continuous improvement, and customer-centric culture.

What is the main goal of DevOps?

The primary goal of DevOps is to speed up the time to market, ensure a more streamlined development process, and improve teams collaboration across the value stream. Often, companies require an experienced DevOps solutions provider to achieve the described benefits.

Why do companies need DevOps?

DevOps service provider company enables organizations to efficiently deliver new features and retain stability to support the digital transformation. However, DevOps goes far beyond these benefits. It provides a culture shift that removes barriers between development and operations, enables teams to evaluate the scope of the entire system and assess the impact of the required changes. As a result, a company reacts faster to changes and these reactions benefit the end users.

Why Outsource DevOps?

Outsourced DevOps allows a company to stay focused on more important business matters. An organization looking for DevOps is typically seeking to gain agility and reduce IT costs through a productivity improvement. When outsourcing, choose a provider that you trust and effectively communicate with.